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April 2020 Women's Retreat


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Professional Practice Consultation


Tap into Dr. Susan Meyerle's professional experiences in ethics, practice management, telehealth, regulatory issues, coaching, and more!  Expand your current services or begin a new line of work.  Consultation appointments scheduled for 60 minute sessions on a mutually agreed-upon schedule. 

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Top 3 Must-Do's for Successful Telemental Health Practice


How to be compliant, connected, and competent

Learn key steps for transitioning your brick-and-mortar practice to an online success.  Explore regulations related to effective electronic practice to ensure ethical behavior. Identify protocols for determining quality client care.

5 CEUs provided upon completing post-test

Includes two 30-minute consultation sessions. 

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Walking the Ethical Path


Presented by: Dr. Susan Meyerle, LIMHP, CEAP, CFLE  

With over 13 years of experience working specifically with ethics and regulations, Dr. Meyerle will be sharing new information highlighting the ethical use of technology in counseling (social media, videoconferencing, texting, and more!), among other ethics - related topics. 3 CEUs are awarded upon passing the post-test. 

1. Identify how an ethical decision-making model can enhance professional practice.
2. Recognize common pitfalls that lead to ethics complaints.
3. Summarize state-of-the-practice for using technology in counseling services. 

Home Study Now Available!

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Ethics Questions (and Answers!)


Workshop Presented by: Julie Agena, Assistant Attorney General and Dr. Susan Meyerle, LIMHP

A home study course reviewing ethics issues arising for mental health professionals. Real cases (while maintaining anonymity) are reviewed.

3 CEUs awarded upon successful completion of post-test. 

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Delightful Coaching Package


Six months of individual coaching designed around your needs. Focus on creating the life you desire!

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Decadent Coaching Services


Twelve months of individual coaching sessions designed around your needs.  SAVE $300 by purchasing a full year! Payment plans are available. 

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Mastering The Art of Success CD Excerpt


Listen to the interview on which the book, Mastering the Art of Success, is based.  Approximately 30 minutes.


Mastering the Art of Success


Success is an art and those dedicated to achieving success desire to keep up with the latest strategies and ideas.  The authors were selected based on their expertise and dedication to helping others acquire skills to create winning habits.  Every chapter provides rich information about strategies for creating success in your life.  Mastering the Art of Success must be on your desk!


Co-authored with Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, and others!


ISBN: 978-1-60013-715-0

328 pages

Publisher: Insight Publishing


The Power of Expectations


Dr. Susan Meyerle has identified five barriers that impact our happiness and interfere with creating the life we desire.  The Power of Expectations will help you recognize the role expectations have in our lives and provides practical tools for change.

We may become discouraged and discontent when our expectations are: Unmet Unrealistic Unspoken Unclear Unaware Through her work as a therapist, Dr. Meyerle has identified strategies for you to become more aware of your expectations, to become clearer about what you want and how to communicate your expectations to others.  She also offers practical tips on how to determine if your expectations are realistic.  Her ultimate goal is to help people meet their expectations for happiness and success, personally and professionally.   "If you want to get more of what you want in your life, this book will help you get it.  It contains valuable insights that most people never learn...but now you can.  I recommend you take advantage of this valuable work." - Jack Canfield, Author of The Success Principles, and co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

ISBN: 978-1-60013-786-0 90 pages Publisher: Insight Publishing