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A Thirty Day Challenge

Posted by admin on June 7, 2013

Jack Canfield, author of “The Success Principles”, gave me the amazing idea to live my life with 30 day challenges.  I am totally in love with this idea!  The basic concept is this, try something for 30 days.  It doesn’t matter what the “something” is that you’re trying.  It can be eating more fruits and vegetables.  It may be drinking more water.  It may be exercising more consistently.  It may be writing more diligently.  Whatever that something is, do it for 30 days.  Our brain tells us we can do many things for 30 days that we find overwhelming if we told ourselves we had to do it for life.  Thirty days seems very manageable in our minds and so we can accept this challenge.

The second part of the 30 day challenge though is be specific.  So if you’re eating more fruits and vegetables, how much are you eating?  if you’re drinking more water, how much are you drinking?  If you are exercising more consistently, how often are you exercising and for how long?  If you are writing more diligently, how long and how often are you writing

My current 30-day challenge involves doing a certain number of  sit-ups and push-ups daily.  I decided that for 30 days I could do these two things consistently to be more physically fit.  Oh, and, by telling others what your 30-day challenge is, you are more accountable.  I nearly forgot to mention that!  So check back with me at the end of June to see how I did.  I can guarantee you that, while I may not have hit the mark perfectly (or maybe this time I will??), I will be doing more push-ups and sit-ups than I was on June 1st.   Guaranteed.  In all honesty, I just dropped and did 30.  How cool is that?  Guaranteed.  What you think about, you bring about!  Thanks, Rita Davenport, for that truism

Be sure to post your responses below!  I love hearing from you!!


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