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Posted by admin on June 12, 2013

Mary Morrissey provided an insightful essay written by Emmett Fox.  The essay was basically outlining all the techniques and strategies to be unhappy.  The idea is that if we are aware of how to be unhappy, doing something differently will help us be happier.

If you’re like most people, you may look to situations, events, or people to make you happy.  Let me suggest however, that happiness, true happiness, isn’t found in any of these places.  True happiness comes from within.  It is our reaction to situations, events, and people that determine our unhappiness or our happiness.  We decide whether we will experience happiness and look for the blessings in each event that occurs in our lives.

If you were going to focus on being just 5% happier today, what steps would you take?  How could you start, today, to be happier?  Don’t wait for other people to “make” you happy.  They can’t do that.  Just like you can’t make other people feel or do anything either.  We like to think we can and we give it the “ole college try” but each of us really has the ultimate control over how we feel and how we think.  If you want to change the way you feel, change the way you think.  Give it a try.  I wrote previously about taking a 30 day challenge.  Maybe a 30 day challenge to change the way you think gives you some ideas.  Even consciously realizing you have a choice about how you feel and how you think can begin to create change.

So for today, identify two things you can be to be happier.  Then, here’s the key…do them.  Don’t mistake insight for action.  Understanding helps us take action but understanding and insight alone don’t change our thoughts and feelings.

Do two things that bring you happiness…today.

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