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About Susan


Susan has been working with people individually and in group settings for nearly 20 years, helping them create the changes they desire. Susan provides the foundation for people to clarify their values, dream when they may have forgotten how, and develop specific actions to create the life they’ve always wanted. Her empathy and ability to motivate others have served others well.

As a lifelong learner, Susan appreciates the value of personal growth. She has completed numerous workshops and seminars through her desire to grow personally and professionally. She was selected into the inaugural training group for Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles and has co-authored "Mastering the Art of Success".


 With a doctoral degree in Human Resources and Family Sciences, Susan has a broad background in serving companies, families, and individuals. She is a Licensed Independent Mental Health Professional, a Certified Family Life Educator, and a Certified Employee Assistance Professional.

Susan’s commitment to helping others extends beyond her professional career. She serves in many capacities in her children’s schools, their church, and numerous community organizations. One of her favorite quotations is “Be the change you want to see in the world”