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What Did You Expect?

Posted by admin on July 26, 2013

While hanging out with friends this last weekend, I caught myself thinking, “This is even better than I expected!”  As those words crossed my mind, I realized again how often our expectations shape our experiences.  We have preconceived ideas (expectations) about how we will experience a particular event.  Sometimes we are filled with anticipation and others times perhaps a reluctance to participate.  Regardless of what our expectations are, they shape our experiences.  Our experiences either exceed our expectations, meet our expectations, or don’t live up to our expectations.

Our emotional response to our expectations clues us in on whether our expectations were fulfilled.  If our expectations were exceeded, we may have a response similar to what I previously noted.  If our experience meets our expectations, our emotional response may go unnoticed.  If our experience doesn’t live up to our expectations, we often feel disappointed. 

Typically we become aware of our expectations when our experiences don’t quite measure up, when we experience disappointment.  It is during those times, we must stop and ask ourselves, “what did you expect?”  It is through that pause, we become aware of our expectations.  The more aware we are of our expectations, the more likely we can take steps to get our expectations met.

The next time you find yourself experiencing disappointment, ask  yourself, “what did you expect?” and you may surprise yourself with the insight you gather.

If you’re interested in learning more about how expectations shape our experiences and how to work towards your expectations being met, check out my book, “The Power of Expectations: How to live the life you desire” available on my website,

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