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Finding Inspiration

Posted by admin on May 30, 2013

Some days I wish inspiration was on a shelf in Aisle 5 at Wal-Mart.  Wouldn’t that be easy to just go pick some up while you’re at the store?  In my world, it would be located next to the jars of patience and the cans of positive self-talk.  Wouldn’t be awesome if some day the advances in neuroscience would create such opportunity?

Well, back to reality.  No such shelf exists with no such product.  So, where do you “find” inspiration.  Perhaps your way of finding inspiration is through music, reading thought-provoking books, having meaningful conversations with others, or more simply, walking barefoot in the soft grass.   Wherever you find your inspiration, note it mentally or even write it in your journal.  For those days when life seems harder, review your sources of inspiration and have faith that there is a greater purpose to your current state.  Perhaps there is something to be learned and re-affirmed.

One of the best strategies for finding inspiration came from Tiffany Walke-Peterson.  She suggests that when you need inspiration, focus on how you can inspire others.  Through giving, you receive what you need.

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