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The Best Person You Can Be

Posted by admin on August 1, 2013

As I began to write this particular post, I took a little side trip.  I listened to a video post from Mary Morrissey and it changed my idea of what I would write about being the best person you can be.  I had intended to write about becoming a better version of yourself, continually seeking to move towards what you are capable of accomplishing.

However, after listening to the video post from Mary.  I began to think in terms of our relationships with ourselves.  If someone were to listen to your self-talk, what would they observe?  Are you kind to yourself?  Are you critical of yourself?  Mary suggested that we become our own best friends rather than our best critics.  What would it feel like if you were on your side, encouraging, loving, and supporting yourself?

Being self-critical, or actually self-evaluative, has a place along the path of personal development.  But just begin to imagine all you could create, accomplish, and be if you loved and supported yourself!  Yes, its helpful to reflect on what you could do differently and yet, we also need to focus on what we do well, measuring our progress based on our self-comparison of where we’ve been, not comparing ourselves to others.

Ours is our own personal path to walk.  No one else walks in our shoes.  Don’t compare yourself to others as there will likely be someone who does something better than you, has an asset you admire, or has accomplished something you seek to accomplish.  Self-evaluation is only fair when you compare yourself to where you have been.  Honor your mistakes and use those as opportunities to grow and learn.  Be kind to yourself.  Talk kindly to yourself as if you really loved the person with whom you’re conversing.  Love yourself.  Encourage yourself to be your own best friend.

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