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At Life Resources, LLC you will find skilled, experienced therapists who have helped clients just like you build richer, more rewarding lives .  All of our therapists are licensed to provide mental health services to individuals, couples, and families.

Through a combination of therapeutic techniques, your counselor will help you identify limiting beliefs and outmoded coping mechanisms that may be standing in your way.

Many clients report rapid progress due to the effective approaches we employ.

All communications with your counselor are kept strictly confidential.

You can call 402-477-0651 for details or to schedule an appointment


At Life Resources

We Truly Care About Your Well Being.


Whether you're struggling with a particular issue, or just can't shake the feeling that there should be more to life, Life Resources, LLC can help. 

We provide a caring environment in which you can identify and explore those issues that may be getting in the way of a more rewarding home life and career, or of more fulfilling relationships.

The goal is to help provide you with the insights and tools you need to move beyond old, limiting beliefs and behaviors. 


Life Resources provides a variety of services including:

Individual Psychotherapy

Family Counseling

Children's Therapy

Couples Counseling

Please print the following forms and bring the completed forms to your first appointment. A copy of your insurance card will also be requested. New Client Paperwork.pdf



"Ethics Made Easy" Series

1-3 CEUs

Dr. Susan Meyerle, LIMHP, CEAP, CFLE will be the presenter for these sessions:  

"Do No Harm" - March 27, 2018, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CST

How do we assess harm?  How do we balance the client's needs with our needs as therapists?  This session will cover the importance of self-care, healthy boundaries, and their impact on our clients. 

(1 CEU awarded)


"Who is the Client" - April 24, 2018, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CST

If a client isn't identified (and billed) as a client, can they expect their participation in the session to be confidential?  How we determine who our client is not only affects our billing practices, it also impacts the client's experience. This session is intended to increase your awareness of clients' perceptions in the therapy process. 

(1 CEU awarded)


"Communication Outside the Therapy Hour" - May 22, 2018,

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CST

Explore resources available to clients when they are not in the therapy room. This session is designed to increase therapists' awareness of the growing tools available to consumers and considerations when recommending them. 

(1 CEU awarded)

Registering for an individual session for $27 or SAVE by investing in all three for $75!  Click the "Register Now!" link, and complete the online registration form.  A confirmation email will be sent.